About Truck Camper Load Check (tcLoadCheck.com)

The original truck camper calculator is the brainchild of W. R. (Bill) Johnson of Alberta, Canada. Bill worked and lived in Malaysia, Australia, USA, Russia and Indonesia. Bill and his wife have always enjoyed traveling and were primed to enjoy the RV lifestyle.  Their first camper was an Apache Hard-side Folding Trailer in the late '70s and since then they have had a truck camper, a 5th wheel and a toy hauler.  In the year 2010, they went back to a truck camper because it offers comfortable accommodation in a smaller and more maneuverable package that allows them to tow their Mini Cooper. You can learn more about Bill by visiting his website at http://www.visualsc.com.

Bill realized that several RVers seeking to purchase a truck camper had difficulty in understanding what is the right match for the truck's load capacities. Bill's calculator solved those problems. With permission granted by Bill, the original calculator was redesigned by the founder of Fifth Wheel Street., and formatted as a web based app to function on most Smartphones and other mobile devices. The first version of this calculator was named Before You Buy TC (BYBTC). As part of Fifth Wheel Street's fifth anniversary, the app was redesigned and renamed to Truck Camper Load Check, a.k.a, tcLoadCheck.

All calculation formulas remain solely copyrighted by Bill Johnson.

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