FWS Advertisement Sales and Information

I welcome all appropriate advertisements pertaining to recreational vehicles (RV) and RV ownership.

Throughout the history of Fifth Wheel Street., most visitors on my site come to learn specific RV safety related knowledge and may read one other page in a single visit. For this reason, I offer page specific ad slots.

  • Premium priced ad slots are available on the top 10 most read webpages.
  • Ad appearance or text should clearly indicate it is related to RVing.
  • I reserve the right to refuse ads deemed inappropriate.
  • I reserve the right to limit the number of ads on any page.
  • Optional sizes available upon request providing the page format permits it. Price is negotiable.
  • Advertiser may negotiate for an exclusive single paid ad on a page.
  • Required ad format is PNG or JPG or GIF.
  • Ad size should auto format for any device.
  • To ensure ad is readable on mobile devices, use appropriate font size and no more than four lines of text on the 728X228 banner.
  • After an ad is submitted along with specified site page requested and is approved, a PayPal generated invoice will be submitted.
  • Payment is required prior to posting of ad.
  • If paying monthly for ad renewal, payments must be received before the ad end cycle date.
  • There is no guarantee for ad slot if payment is late.
  • Advanced payment of several months accepted.
Current 728X228 banner example and it resizes to mobile devices automatically.
Towmax STR Class Action Lawsuit

Wherever you see the small ad below, it is a potential ad slot for you.
ad slot here

Our most recent Google Analytics report is available upon request.

Top Ten Pages Viewed 2020


Below are our available premium ad sizes and price for the "top ten pages viewed" ad placements.

(All prices for each ad per page.)

  • 728x228 banner, $50 per month
  • 120x600 or 160x600 skyscraper, $40 per month
  • 120x240 skyscraper, $30 per month
  • 250x250 squire, $20 per month

All other pages as follows.

  • 728x228, $30 per month
  • 120x600 or 160x600, $20 per month
  • 120x240 skyscraper, $15 per month
  • 250x250, $10 per month

Advertisement Special

  • Your 728x228 banner ad in the top slot (above the fold) on most menu accessible HTML pages, $400 per month
  • Your 728x228 banner ad in the middle slot on most menu accessible HTML pages, $300 per month
  • Your 728x228 banner ad in the bottom slot on most menu accessible HTML pages, $250 per month
  • Your ad may not appear on HTML pages that already have a slot filled. Potentially over 70 pages available. If the slot becomes available during your commitment period, that slot will be filled with your ad for the duration of your commitment. (AdSense or Amazon click-ads are not committed ad slots.)

Ad Creation Services

  • If you would like me to create an ad for you, you will need to provide the concept or sketch, the wording and any image you want on the ad. The charge for this service is $60.00 per hour. In most cases, creating an ad rarely takes more than one hour. However, the labor time depends on how many corrections you request.
  • If you need me to provide an image, there will be an extra charge for purchasing a stock image.

Click on the Contact Dave link below to submit an initial inquiry.